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Cool Vest leopard

PAIKKA Cool Vest is designed to help keep your dog comfortable when the temperature rises. The cooling vest is easy to use. Soak the vest in cool water, squeeze out the excess water gently, and the vest is ready to use! The highly absorbent material efficiently evaporates water, providing a cooling effect for a prolonged period. This helps protect the pet from overheating.

The design of the vest ensures that the cooling effect is concentrated where it works best – around the chest and near the heart. At the same time, we ensure that the larger muscle groups on the dog's back and thighs are not chilled. Elastic Velcro adjustment guarantees easy dressing and provides plenty of adjustment for different body types.

The evaporative cooling vest performs best in hot, dry climates. Keep in mind that external elements such as temperature, wind, and sunlight will influence the intensity and duration of the cooling effect. In case the cooling effect subsides, or the vest dries out, just soak the vest again to retrigger the cooling mechanism, and you'll be ready to roll.

Heatstroke is life-threatening; remember that no product alone is sufficient when it's scorching hot. Always keep a close eye on your pet in warm weather, avoid excessive exercise, provide shade, and ensure your pet stays hydrated.

Key Features:

  • Cool fabric and water-absorbent padding – The cooling effect is powered by water alone!

  • Cooling effect concentrated on the chest area.

  • Adjustable at the neck and girth for a customized fit.

  • Easy to use, compatible also with harness.

    Available colors: Snow leopard Available sizes: XXS-XL


    Fabric 1: 100% polyester.
    Fabric 2: 82% polyamide, 18% elastane. Padding: 100% polyester.


    Machine wash at 30 degrees, gentle cycle. No bleach, no chemical wash, no tumble dry. Do not iron.

    Designed in Helsinki, Finland. Responsibly made in China.